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Description of the Book:

A compilation of 21 poems, this book revolves around the poet's perspective of those little things that usually go unnoticed in daily mundane world. This book is a sincere effort to bring to surface these valuable thoughts by accommodating a myriad of themes. Patriotism,Compassion, Daily life, Feminism, Harmony the book aspires to strike an emotional chord in it's readers through themes like these.


  • Author Name: Pooja Umashankar
    About the Author: Born in Bangalore. A graduate in law. Currently pursuing LLM at CMR University, Bangalore. A passionate writer and singer. Writes poems, stories and articles both in English and Kannada. Believes in "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" and thus uses simple words to connect easily with herself as well as the readers.
    Book ISBN: 9784711328790


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