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Description of the Book :


“​Dedicated to everyone who wonders if I’m writing about them. I am.” To try and describe a myriad collection of poems and anecdotes is a task best done by you, dear reader. So I invite you to take a look and if possible relate to the words I spilled.


  • Author's Name :  Satrajit Sahani
    About the Author :  Satrajit Sahani is a MBA graduate and a poet at heart. Born in Purulia, West Bengal but brought up in Delhi, he lives and breathes literature and is a sports enthusiast. He has a sincere appreciation towards the finer arts and when he is not working, he likes to travel and try different cuisines. He lives by a simple rule, be a go-getter, if you want something go and get it, anything less is an excuse. Find him on Instagram: @sahanisatrajit
    Book ISBN :  9781005715038
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