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Raah just happened; it's raw from a girl's heart, who wrote. Being a seeker always made me go to the depths. I have failed a thousand times in my life, and of success, I feel the best is yet to come. My pain took me through a pause which was so essential. Pain can be so relieving, I witnessed all that surfaced while healing myself. Being vulnerable is like allowing one's mysterious self to blossom with grace, which has all the powers to heal itself and to paint our life canvas. It opened a door for new possibilities. I could view myself and the world from a space of ease and neutrality. These broken pieces of mine made me complete rather than the complete self, which was incomplete in itself! Being through this rollercoaster, I couldn't help but pen down in poetry form what I went through, which kept healing my soul, becoming an intricate part of mine. The universe is generous, life is beautiful, and we are just blessed to be here. I feel humbled to share my bit with all of you, beautiful souls. Pause for a moment, breathe, read with love. Even if a word makes a shift in you, I shall be honored to have helped you. No matter where we are, who we are, and what we do, we are all travelers, on our raah....

Raah - Poetic converse through a soul’s journey

SKU: 9789358315554
  • Author's Name: Dnyanada Ghanekar

    About the Author: Dr. Dnyanada Ghanekar is a homeopathic Doctor (MD), who has been practicing for over a decade and is based out of Mumbai. Her expertise lies in integrating a meditative approach to homeopathy, to know the deepest core of the patient with an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. She believes in the law of attraction. Homeopathy is a universal science, that works on the principle of Similia. It is not just a science but a way of life, to heal our patterns, and become aware of our true selves, aligning ourselves to the higher purpose. Dnyanada has a philosophical mind, is a podcaster, likes trekking, and loves to have long walks and exchanges with nature. She believes in constantly working on herself to be a better being, enrich, and serve others all that we are here for!
    Book ISBN: 9789358315554
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