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"Quest to Oneness: Poems of Harmony" is an exquisite collection of 21 evocative and reflective poems, inspired by the profound teachings of the Bhagavad Gita and the wonders of scientific discoveries. Through poetic artistry, these verses invite readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Each poem explores the theme "I am part of the Whole," weaving together philosophical insights, scientific marvels, and spiritual wisdom. From the cosmic symphony of life to the depths of the human soul, the poems paint vivid images that inspire the youth to embark on a path of self-help and unity.

In a harmonious blend of education and inspiration, the poems delve into the vastness of the universe, the interconnectedness of all beings, and the beauty of existence. Respectful and reverential in tone, they honour the mysteries of life while fostering an open-minded and inclusive perspective.

Written with poetic finesse and artistic grace, the verses ignite the imagination and uplift the spirit, leaving readers with a profound sense of connection and purpose. This book serves as a guiding light for the seekers of truth, igniting the flame of curiosity and encouraging the reader to explore their inner universe.

"Quest to Oneness: Poems of Harmony" is a timeless treasure, celebrating the beauty of life and the infinite possibilities that lie within each soul. Its lyrical brilliance and inspirational essence make it a poetic masterpiece that touches hearts, minds, and souls alike.

Quest to Oneness: Poems of Harmony

SKU: 9789358735116
  • Author's Name: Mayuank Verma

    About the Author: My Journey of Oneness and Empowerment I am a creative online graphic designer, skilled in illustrating concepts through art layout. With expertise in 3D modelling, lighting, rendering, and client relationship management, I have successfully delivered projects across diverse industries. My accomplishments include establishing a studio for live TV broadcasts of the London Olympics 2012 and completing tricky 3D modelling projects for key clients. Beyond my professional achievements, my personal journey has been shaped by transformative experiences. Raised in a middle-class Hindu family, I have witnessed adversity but was inspired by my mother's resilience and teachings. These experiences sparked my curiosity about life's purpose and the interconnectedness of all things. My spiritual exploration led me to delve into various philosophical and religious traditions, broadening my understanding of existence. Motivated by my journey, I felt compelled to share my wisdom and insights through writing. A compassionate and empowering figure, I envision my book as a companion for those seeking guidance, fostering a deeper connection with oneself, others, and the world. My vision is to inspire readers to uncover their unique potential and live authentically, making a positive impact on humanity and the planet. With my creativity and dedication, I have delivered training worldwide and am set to continue inspiring others through his first book and future projects.
    Book ISBN: 9789358735116
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