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What's love? This question arise once in a lifetime in your mind. What type of love you want? There's so many types of love isn't it? You can find love, that affection in your family, friends, your pet, nature, people, almighty or even in yourself. But what's this emotion ‘love’? The emotion that can make you feel content, safe and happy that's what we call love. There are many types of love described in this book in the form of poems. When you are bounded to not be in love with someone, described the emotions in “निषिद्ध प्रेम ”. You can found your love in the divine form described in “आलौकिक प्रेम”. Now, when you adore and love yourself, you can surpass any challenges and hurdles in your life. Most of the time people don't understand that this “Hidden love” of their can help them to outshine every light. Giving the message of self love. Like this there are so many poems describing different kinds of loves. There's a ocean of words i created for you, let's dive in together!

Quest for Love

SKU: 9789360942656
  • Author's Name: Anila Sharma

    About the Author: This is Anila Sharma, from Rajasthan. She's 19 year old teenager who loves to write. Passionally she is dancer and loves to visits museums. She's a Nature admirer too. She started writing poems at the age of 14. At the age of 16 , she realised she holds the passion for writing and loves to express the emotions with the help of poems, stories. The first book of her was “ UNDERWORLD : A TEEN” which was published in 2023 where she uncovered the hidden and unheard emotions of teenagers and young youth. The emotional and mental stress they face when growing up . Depression , anxiety, panic attacks, self doubts all the negative thoughts she sum it up in her poems. Now she changed the gear and took 180° turn and decided to explore a new genre called ‘romance’. She search for love, explore in every form and founds in herself. When you look around for something, you don't remember that it might be in you. When you love and care for alot of people, you tend to forget to love yourself. She's giving message of self love in this book.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942656
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