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Description of the Book:


The ink begins with a nostalgic sense of recall of a retiring lover who delivers unrequited sensations that seem intriguing. It conjures up vivid images in the reader's head as unique hues from the experience pass by. The poems are nutritious to the soul and heart as they relate to the feelings of attachment that hold no physical importance but have lesions engraved so deep that only a receiver could understand. It shares the common thought within us all which we feel as raindrops run down the window across the room beside the street, the bustling road, and busy people with their ringing lives while the shadows of the past overhaul the person behind the window as the memories of the past surround them. It explains how we all long for compassion from that one special person residing deep in the chambers of our hearts. Have you felt your muse running off in the wind as a dandelion while making you feel intrigued? Or was it just another illusion you wished for like a million others you daydream about?

Purple Mirage

  • Author's Name: Kasturi Sanyal
    About the Author: Kasturi Sanyal is an artist, an entrepreneur, an interior designer, and most significantly a writer i.e., the architect of thoughts making the readers experience the feelings of love and yearning sitting on their comfortable sofas. She takes her motivation of writing since her high school days, the time when one is filled with feelings of infatuation; experiencing heartbreaks, and the realities of life. She is passionate to write about love, life, and yearning for mental health which makes it a fantastic combination to blend multiple emotions and to send jolts of realization and comfort as readers pay a visit down the memory lane. She intends to pique the emotions of her readers, urging them to reflect on their history, letting go off the bad and embracing the positives, and in the process to forgive and forget the flaws that have been relinquished.
    Book ISBN: 9781005649173


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