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Description of the Book:


This Book is a mix of thoughts on several topics which are close to my Heart. This Book expresses myself and all the emotions I feel weaved into Thread of Poems. This Book revolves around My Faith, Love, Nature, Life and Relationships.

Pure Soul

SKU: 9789360947545
  • Author's Name: Raina Burman

    About the Author: Raina Burman is a Finance Professional in Asset Management Industry. She has expertise in Financial Reporting, Fund Accounting and Statutory Audit of Alternative Investments. She is a passionate lover of rain, reader and marathoner. She finds peace in nature. She loves swimming, listening to music, binge watching, writing and cooking. She is full of life and love. She is caring, kind and loving soul who has a pretty sensitive heart. She believes in spreading love and happiness to make this world full of loving souls. She is a warrior who has suffered deepest pains and overcame them with a smile on face by having never give up attitude.
    Book ISBN: 9789360947545
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