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Description of the Book:

Pause for a moment and take a deep breath. If you were feeling on the edge, what would you say, and what would you do? This provocative question is at the core of the motivating book, Pure Heart and Free Soul – A Unique Poetess. This book of compiled poetry is designed to help people give their minds and souls a chance to freely probe, as well as raise a voice for the voiceless, who may be struggling to express their opinions, developed by the one and only, Aisha Idris Suleman. In this book of poetry, Suleman dives into some of the main issues being faced in the current society, as well as how people can live their lives authentically and happily, without having to overthink. If you feel that life is not going as planned, want to give up or you just cannot find the words to express yourself boldly, then this book is for you. Make no mistake, the attitude Suleman lays out is simple and direct, but not easy because your highest awards lay next to your toughest struggles.

Pure Heart and Free Soul – A Unique Poetess

  • Author's Name: Aisha Idris Suleman
    About the Author: Aisha Idris Suleman is born in London and had her writing published in books and newspapers from the age of 13. She has always been awarded first prize for any piece of writing submitted in competitions. She recently had her poem selected for a digital exhibition as part of a project in Hackney called ‘Hope and Her Two Daughters.’ Many of Aisha’s poems have been published in anthologies and some of these are available at the British Library and further libraries across the UK and Republic of Ireland. Along with a passion for writing, Aisha has a First Class (Honours) Degree in Business Management. She has always been a top student throughout her academic life and received many awards for her dedication. When she is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her son, going out with friends, working out, dancing and enjoying life to the fullest. She also helps the needy by making regular donations to charities and local businesses. Apart from writing, Aisha is currently freelancing in market research and is a fashion model, where she generates brand awareness through advertisement on social media. Keep in touch with Aisha via the web: LinkedIn: Twitter: @aishasuleman007 Instagram: @model_aisha123
    Book ISBN: 9781005372651


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