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Embark on a literary odyssey with Krisha Shravana's exceptional collection of poems that transcends the boundaries of emotion and experience. Each poem within this diverse and unique anthology is a masterpiece in itself, exploring the intricate tapestry of love, society, hardships, and beyond. With every turn of the page, discover a new facet of the human soul, beautifully captured in words that resonate and linger. Krisha's poetic prowess shines brightly, ensuring that each poem is a captivating journey unto itself. This collection is more than a book; it's an invitation to explore the vast landscapes of emotions. Dive into this extraordinary anthology, where every poem is an enchanting tale, and each verse unfolds a new chapter in the intricate book of life.

Pulse of Pages: Unveiling the Unspoken

SKU: 9789360948795
  • Author's Name: Krisha Shravana

    About the Author: Krisha Shravana, the poetry and debate virtuoso who's not afraid to drop the mic and pick up the drumsticks. When not conquering academic challenges, Krisha is orchestrating beats and crafting songs that may or may not have saved a boring day or two. Started writing as a pint-sized genius, and now? Well, let's just say they've upgraded from crayons to creativity. Fluent in languages and fluent in humor, Krisha is the secret ingredient for turning dull moments into sparkling conversations. Check out more of her work at @serene._.sonnet on Instagram
    Book ISBN: 9789360948795
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