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Description of the Book:


Prism in the Darkness' is a journey through the twisting valleys of the mind. An anthology chronicling the crests and the troughs of youth, the book sheds light on the vivid workings of a young mind. From the euphoria of success to the pangs of disillusionment, it has it all. From the smallest woes of the human heart to the problems plaguing humanity at large, it hopes to take you on a ride through the realms of emotion.

Prism in the Darkness

SKU: 9789363311152
  • Author's Name: Swathi Sailesh

    About the Author: "Life is nothing but a book to be read, one page at a time." Swathi is a dreamer from Mumbai. One who stares into the void expecting it to stare back at her. A go-getter, an engineering aspirant, for whom the pen has been a sword since forever. An incurable idealist, trying to forge her own identity in the hazy bewilderment of the world. She is a lover of traditional poetry, who looks at the universe through her own prism.
    Book ISBN: 9789363311152
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