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Description of the Book:

kuch aur pal is zindagi ki kitaab m bharlu kl ho na jaye tu kisi aur ka kyu na aaj hi tujhe apna krlu The only constant in this world is that ' nothing is constant '. Everything around us is designed to forge us into a new individual, little by little we are not who we used to be. Even the most amazing of things turn cliche'. The book is a symbol of what I felt over a period of time. A part of it is something I still cling to. Changes ought to be welcomed until they start to tamper with the heart. In this book, I have poured out my thoughts and feelings. Years from now, they'll remind of the missing pieces in my life. Time may change the way we think but our heart shall always return and be where it felt loved.

PRANK: Words Never Came so Easily to me Until I Started Thinking of You !

  • Author's Name: Mayank Singh 
    About the Author: Mayank Singh is a BTech graduate in mechanical engineering. He is neither a writer in professional sense nor a degree-holder in literature. Writing is a way of expression to him. He prefers to employ words to reflect his inner self.
    Book ISBN: 9781005659585


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