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Description of the Book:

This book is descriptive and emotional focused on elements that inspired, intrigued or moved the author. The book offers an analysis of the author’s thoughts and feelings , basically an access to the author’s messed up mind.

The poems in the book are very random focusing on various experiences and incidents the author came across.

POV : Odd Feelings

  • Author Name: Gyanada Myneni
    About the Author: Gyanada is a versatile and approachable person.She’s currently 18 years old.This is her first ever book. Writing for her is a coping mechanism for anxiety.It really helps her to keep herself sane.Channelling her thoughts into something productive was her main motivation to write.She finds solace in writing. On most of the days you’ll find her binge watching Netflix, discussing about Cricket and exploring and trying new things and hobbies.
    Book ISBN: 9785159385314


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