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Description of the Book:

In life there are no set rules , no lanes to follow. Everyone has to fight for himself all alone. In the end we all are the products of our thoughts which run in thousand different directions. What makes us survive is to follow the one we believe in the most.
The poems evolve around the natural world amidst the nature sounds heard around. The summers or the winter fog suggesting the smallness of human life revolving around the conflicts between human mind. Pain and misery ruling around ,falling in monster’s trap and becoming a Addictive in times. We have no map possibly to reach heaven. Modern choices decide the entry inside the paradise gate. Revealing colours to this beautiful world thats how God painted this beautiful earth. The long journey from bud to beautiful flower, Long awaited hope never dies.


  • Author Name: Alpna Awasthi
    About the Author: I am Alpna Awasthi native of Jhansi, recently completed my master's in commerce. Writing is always a catharsis for me, like the purgation of emotions. I am not a voracious reader, nor a good writer. But I 'm glad that I am improving day by day. It all started when I was in 6th standard , I took part in poetry competition, though I did not get a prize but I learnt that I have potential to play with words on paper. Ever since then writing has become my hobby and my passion.
    Book ISBN: 9782372090780


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