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Description of the Book:


Life isn't a highway straight to the destination, but a way filled with uphills, dead-ends and traffic full of misery too! While on this journey, we grip our heart closest to the chest, so safe. At times we pull it out in the storm, feel it growing brave and fearless. Between all this gearing, we capture in the album of life, Polaroids of Heart. Looking back at the pictures in the album, now tattered, but still sing a saga of failing yet reigning, proudly. The book captures such Polaroids of little significant happenings of life, and moulds it as words in a poem. It walks through alleys of various life voyages with a hope to heal and fill the voids or to sprout a little sapling with wings in your minds. It's about those snippets of heart when it pounded the hardest, grew out of cocoon and made for a Polaroid worthy story to make through the album of life! 

Polaroids of Heart : Through the Album of Life

  • Author's Name: Khushi Shah
    About the Author: Khushi Shah is a creative wanderer hailing from Ahmedabad pursuing her Life Sciences degree.  She finds her peace and place in the world of imagination, in the world of words, polar to her field filled with logic and reality. The 20-year old is a firm believer that words can make or break a soul and so to be kind and speak wisely. She finds strength in expressing her emotions and thoughts by penning it down and threading it into beads of letters. By doing so it evokes a hope in her heart to move on from the hards and grow out of her little coccon and spread her beautiful wings, just like a butterfly. Adveturous and fearless she strives newness and changes, and accepts them all whole heartedly. Being deeply connected with nature and lives, finds her inspiration from changing vast skies or an innocent laughter of a child or just by looking deep into her own life. Venturing our of her field she aspires to be a full time writer and get on a journey that is never thought before! 
    Book ISBN: 9781005670719


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