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Description of the Book:

What you are about to read are snapshots of my thoughts and emotions concerning family, fatherhood, society and more. The hope is that YOU the reader will be able to reflect on your own mirrored experience and explore opinions but most of all keep the conversation going on relevant topics today with the idea that change will happen. There are many questions that I ask throughout this book some of which I still haven't answered.

Points Of Contact

  • Author's Name: Ehireme 'Native' Omoaka
    About the Author: Ehireme Omoaka who goes by the alias 'Native' has many strings to his bow. He is qualified youth worker, drama practitioner, poet, actor, entrepreneur and massage therapist. His writing is a reflection of his experiences and also creativity especially how he interprets events and specific moments he has witnessed into palatable imagery. He has taken a long time to get to this point of being bold; going for what he wants and vocalising his feelings as his voice had been locked for a long part if his life. This was due to being the youngest in the household and feeling like his opinions didn't matter. The name 'Native' was chosen to reflect the journey Ehireme is on to finding out who he is, finding pieces of the puzzles and identifying the connection between them.
    Book ISBN: 9781005182656


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