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Description of the Book:


A book designed with versatile verses in the dark, in the light, in the silence and in the storm. Outset of an orderly manner poetic frame consisting of poetry forms starting from the first consonant in English alphabet to that of the last. Carrying the purpose of broadening everyone's horizon and expressing how every different is unique and exquisite in its own way, this book will bring you new surprises and thrilling ideas.


SKU: 9789357743471
  • Author's Name: Vaneeta Chugh

    About the Author: A name amongst the millions wandering in search of reality breaking down the illusions. She is the versatile quing of verses in the dark and light. Besides reading what she loves most is writing. Carrying the dream of outshining in the world as a poetess, she prides in herself being a girl.
    Book ISBN: 9789357743471
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