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Description of the Book:


In homeopathy, one of the basic principles is - Like Cures Like. Taking this principle forward, writer Shukrita Sankaran explores how poetry can be a powerful medium to express, narrate and heal. Where while reading a poem, one can examine within themselves, the feeling it evokes, which may have a transformative effect.

Resonance literally means - the sound produced in an object by the sound of a similar frequency from another object. This when applied to any art form, be it music, drawing, abstract art, craftsmanship, or writing, means that a similar feeling is evoked within a person after reading, listening to, or watching something that stirs something within their own inner core.

Rumi said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.” Therefore being drawn to a piece of poem, has the power to open doors within yourself towards self-actualization and self-awareness.

May this book of poetry be something that you can read and re-read every now and then, that will uplift your spirit and nourish your soul.


SKU: 9789357218306
  • Author's Name: SHUKRITA SANKARAN
    About the Author: Entrepreneur, Preschool teacher, Podcaster, and Writer, Shukrita Sankaran has been a hobby writer for more than a decade. She started out as an avid reader in high school, which opened a whole new world for her. Being a student of literature and psychology in college was the next step toward her goal of being a writer. She started a podcast called 'The Storyteller Mumbai' during the Covid- 19 outbreak, where she narrated poignant stories written by her - especially true life stories, experiences, and perspectives. During that time, she took up many online poetry challenges and participated in National Poetry Month every year since 2019. The quarantine period during the pandemic gave her the time and space to explore her writing abilities, hone her skills and read even more than before. An avid follower of Elizabeth Gilbert and a believer in 'Big Magic' - Shukrita Sankaran pours her heart into poetry. "Poetry is a powerful medium that can heal, and through therapeutic storytelling and poetry, I wish to help as many people as possible" - she says. She has her website, where she writes about all the things close to her heart.

    Book ISBN: 9789357218306

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