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Description of the Book :


“A work of art is a world in itself reflecting senses and emotions of the artist's world.” The above words are Hans Hofmann’s, not mine, but they contain within them the very essence of what my book has. Freedom- freedom of creativity, of emotion, of words- in general, letting the poem flow through me. Thus, the name ‘Poetic Liberty’. In this volume, there isn’t a set theme for the poems, rather, it’s a collection of emotions that I managed to grasp before the inspiration that swept into my mind faded away. The poems are like the waves of the sea, sometimes calm, sometimes tempestuous but ever flowing… A turbulent flow of feelings, of the elusive emotions that strike the heart and then recede. From the helplessness in war to the being free from worry; from the pangs of loneliness to the feeling of belonging; from despair to hope and last but not the least, from reason to emotions… The book contains 20 poems that are filled with a plethora of feelings. All of us are unique in our own ways but we all feel. Poetry has magic that allows us to connect with each other. I wonder, can my poetry weave such a spell too?

Poetic Liberty Vol. 1: Turbulent Emotions

  • Author's Name :  Soumil Sadhya
    About the Author :  Soumil Sadhya is a first-year student pursuing B. A. English (Hons.) A prolific reader, he loves ‘variety’. He reads books of as many genres as he can cover; be it fantasy or science-fiction or mystery. A dreamer who would prefer to plan out countless stories in his head, his wish from a very young age has been to become an author. With many unfinished tales resting in his drive folders, the youth decided that if he wants to actually finish writing a novel for once, he better let it out to a wider audience. Thus, he began and regularly updates his web novel, ‘A Student…Like You’ under the pen name of Skyscion on Royal Road and Tapas. He also has a collection of short stories called, ’50 And Above’ that has been posted on Royal Road. A person who has gone from disliking poetry to writing ones himself, his dreams just grow day by day. His wish now is to become not only an author but also a poet to boot. He lives in New Delhi with his family.
    Book ISBN :  9781005334758
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