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Description of the Book:

All the poems in the book are related to personal experiences, dreams and experiences of friends of the poet.
The poems elucidates and dives deep into each emotion a person perceives and questions and ponders upon the real meaning of life and death.

Poetic Leaflets

  • Author Name: Saishweta M
    About the Author: The author expresses her subtlest of feelings. She is fond of highlighting the much needed aspects of human wellbeing, global sustainability and importance of responsible consumption of resources on our planet. She advocates harmony and weaves her expressions through, to deliver an emphatic message. Subtle, Emphatic, Meaningful, Responsible, Sensible, Polite and Relevant are some key words that best describe her expressions in Poetic Leaflets. She is conditioned only by her unconditional perception of the nature in all its glory. She presents with all warmth the leaflets of her expression in the form of Poems here.
    Book ISBN: 9781554636556


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