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Description of the Book:


In "Poetic Ideations," readers are invited into a world of expression and introspective musings. This collection of poems delves deep into the human experience, exploring various themes.

The poems are a reflection of personal journeys, universal truths, and the beauty found in life's fleeting moments. May your heart be stirred, your imaginations be ignited, and you be reminded of the shared threads that bind us together in the tapestry of existence.

Poetic Ideations

SKU: 9789360944131
  • Author's Name: Dr.Anderleen Diana Lazarus

    About the Author: Dr. Anderleen Diana Lazarus serves in a trio capacity - Asst. Professor, Department of English and Foreign Languages, Executive Assistant to the Vice Chancellor & Manager Faculty Personnel. She is the recipient of the Global Teacher Role Model Award -2020 and has won Silver Medals, twice, for best papers presented during Research Day, SRMIST, 2013 & 14. She has authored three books and is actively engaged in teaching and training. Her views of teaching English for Specific Purposes were tangible after defending her Ph.D. thesis which emphasized the need to pre-test the language competency of students who take up professional courses thus bridging the gaps between the known and the unknown. Beyond the classroom, Dr. Lazarus is actively involved in many community outreach activities. Since 2010 she has conducted zero-cost soft skill training sessions and language workshops for students and teachers in India and abroad. She is well known for her emceeing skills in academic and non-academic sectors. Dr. Lazarus was also honoured with the title “Dr. D –The Ever Happy MC” owing to her phenomenal emceeing skill and massive contribution as MC. She participates actively as a Resource Person and Keynote Speaker at various conferences, workshops, and programs. She has a special calling towards student teachers and chooses to be their spokesperson. She wrote the Student Teacher's Pledge of Affirmations and went on to empower her student teachers as authors, writers and poets. Dr. Lazarus thus demonstrates her dedication to academic excellence, social responsibility, and lifelong learning.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944131
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