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Description of the Book:

EMOTIONS that we experience are same for all of us but the way we FEEL differs. The intensity of those feelings varies.In this collection of twenty poems poet has tried to cover some of these emotions, feelings and experiences of life. Most of the themes are of love, enchantments, inspirations, satires, nature, relationship, all from the eyes of a mother but in the form of a poem.

Poetic arch towards life

  • Author Name: Jyoti kanojia
    About the Author: Jyoti kanojia is a wife and a mother of two beautiful daughters. She is a qualified early childhood educator and a teacher, homemaker, poet, blogger and a curious learner. When she isn't writing, she likes to spend time her with young children.She also likes dancing and reading books, articles, novels and poems. She strongly believes that there is no age for learning and every moment that we are living in is a part of our learning.
    Book ISBN: 9781005017453


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