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Description of the Book:

One day ends and another starts! One day ends full of sadness and the next starts with a smile on your face! One day you work hard and the next you chill out like a school holiday! One day you stress about the future and you know, the next day is the future! You hope everything will be alright, One day ends with hope, and next starts with another hope, and the loop continues! One day you enjoy a lot and the other you sit in a corner of your room watching sad status on Facebook! One day you miss something and the next you get something extra! One day you get what you hoped for and the next you wish you would have better than this! The days go on and life continues! You don't stop hoping and dreaming even if these are the hardest times of your life. The story between that one day and the next day is for eternity, you exist or not!

Poet's Story

SKU: 9781005938383
  • Author Name: Shardul Narendra Mandrupkar
    About the Author: A little step behind to be a successful writer


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