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Description of the Book:


The following poems are works of a woman that has faced racism, ableism and sexism for a majority of her life. The poems show how she has found strength through her culture, turned her greatest weakness into her greatest strength, and how her family has helped her through her life.

Poems of a Dyslexic Native American

SKU: 9789357740241
  • Author's Name: Tiara Doney
    About the Author: Tiara also known as Tia, is a Native American woman that has used poetry as a way to express her feelings and opinions on many subjects. An example of this is her poems about how she feels about her learning disability (Dyslexia). With poetry she has been able to process all the emotions that she has felt from not knowing why she couldn't read as well as others during her school years to how she felt when she was officially diagnosed with Dyslexia as an adult in her mid-20's. Even before her official diagnosis of Dyslexia Tia was known for being an advocate for adults with learning disabilities in higher education and with her diagnosis she has found humor in her disability, Tia's favorite joke being her "creative way of spelling things". Along with Tia's poetry about Dyslexia, she writes about her experience of being an Indigenous woman who was born and raised off the reservation. Most of those poems being about empowering others. Poetry is not the only type of creative writing Tia does, she has written a few short stories and is writing a book. Tia is also a script writer working a feature length script and has written short film scripts. She is hoping to get into the Institute of American Indian Arts, Masters of Creative Writing program focusing on Scriptwriting to further her script writing skills and career.

    Book ISBN: 9789357740241

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