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Description of the Book:


A few Poems to ease the growing pains of our shifting Story.
May we discover, together, the beauty in the breaking apart and falling away of the fused parts of ourselves we thought were static.

Plate Tectonics

SKU: 9789363310629
  • Author's Name: Sunny Daze

    About the Author: With a heart full of joy, and a soul drawn to adventure, Sunny Daze seeks to empower others to embrace life's beauty and to celebrate their own unique journey. With poetry as their conduit, they hope to spread positivity, kindness, and the simple bliss of being alive. With a keen eye for the magic woven into everyday moments, Sunny Daze approaches their work and life with a spirit of mindfulness and play. "Come and Take a Swim with Me, in the Great Cosmic Pond of Love
    Book ISBN: 9789363310629
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