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Description of the Book :


The journey to self-discovery is sometimes as simple as appreciating the stars in the sky, while at other times it is as complex as understanding our place among them. In his first published poetry collection, Emond empathetically describes the world with lyrical detail, as one who has lost himself in love and the pain that has come from it. This collection is informed by his own solitary experience of finding himself in an uncertain, yet beautiful world. Everyone goes through seasons, years, or decades of substantial change to molt into a new version of themselves. How do you open yourself to the world and who will you change into? Grab a blanket and get cozy in the moonlight, as you pause to appreciate the world around you and rediscover yourself under the stars.

Planted in Snow Soaked Grass

  • Author's Name :  Christian Emond
    About the Author :  Christian Emond has lived in Canada his whole life and is fascinated not only by the variety of culture’s present in the world, but also the endless possibilities of the infinite cosmos out of our reach. As an addict to philosophical quandaries, he is no stranger to being lost in thought. Christian received his bachelor of science at the University of Calgary studying cellular, molecular, and microbial biology, while rapidly gaining recognition in the synthetic biology community for his contributions to the international genetically engineered machine (iGEM) competition. He has a love for teaching, psychology, sociology, writing, research, and entrepreneurship, though he refuses to settle into a single discipline, he puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Christian has worked as a researcher, instructor, and laboratory technician, and continuously mentors, and is mentored by, those around him. If you want to continue to follow and support Christian’s journey through the world of writing poetry you can follow him on Instagram: @molted_poet.
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