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Description of the Book:

From home to sky, from love being a bird to love growing old, from the mothers to the moon, from closure to getting closer, you will read the poems that willow right from a heavy heart, down to a feathery page. Each poem will resonate the passion with which her fingers typed and the curiosity with which your eyes explore.

Pink clouds on blue sky

  • Author Name: Lennesha Prescilla M
    About the Author: A dreamer by birth, an artist in chaos, a child always, Lennesha Prescilla is hard to define. She fails to draw boundaries for music and musing. Working for LIC, she insures herself with words that she could claim to be hers. Like a pink cloud on a blue sky, she would catch your attention when gloomy are your eyes. This is her first compilation handpicked from the thousands of poems she wrote for herself, to keep her sanity at check. She sprinkles her emotions with care like the masala of her favourite dum Biryani. This 28 y.o Hyderabadi filled her empty diary first to later fall for books and authors of this age. You will find her craving for chocolate more on wet-pillow-nights than on sun-tanned-days.
    Book ISBN: 9781005462383


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