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Description of the Book:

Perspectives is a collection of short poems on the multifaceted thought processes inside an overtly anxious mind. The poems recite a tale of entrapment as well as liberation of the mind from a complex web spun daily by itself. The poetry follows this arduous but not impossible journey that an afflicted mind undertakes in search for a rewarding repose or perhaps, even the final solace!

Perspectives - Of A Chaotic Mind

  • Author Name: Chandrima Mukherjee
    About the Author: Chandrima has nourished her love for literature since her early childhood. She completed her Post Graduation in English, following which she wanted to experience the much trodden path of the corporate life. Soon, she realized that her true passion lies in exploring arts and has, since then, been working on her crafts. In addition to being a devoted mental health warrior, she is a loving daughter, sister and wife, always prioritizing her family in life!
    Book ISBN: 9781005019631


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