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Description of the Book:


Perhaps Life! is a collection of poems that express surreal thoughts, moments and encounters. While each poem is different from another, with that said, that's how life is—a colourful amalgamation and celebration of blissful moments and skeptical thoughts. When you read a poem, hopefully, you transcend into the space from where the poem originates.

Perhaps Life!

SKU: 9789363314498
  • Author's Name: Aliveni Arrala

    About the Author: Currently, a technology enthusiast, Aliveni has developed a passion for writing since a young age. She enjoys expressing emotions and thoughts through writing; sometimes, in the process, it translates into poems. She takes pleasure in immersing herself in writing every surreal thought that inspires and excites her conscience. From her point of view, many times it happens with most of us that we probably may not fully experience the moments by clicking a mere picture(s). She likes to write about those times to relive those beautiful moments when read later. In her words, “Poetry is a picture where words are its pixels”.
    Book ISBN: 9789363314498
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