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Description of the Book:


As an avid birder, Judith Davis enjoys writing poems about birds, painting and photographing birds, and working on her "life list" of bird species. These poems capture her love of birding and celebrate the birds of her life.

Perched in the Soul: Poems of a Birder

SKU: 9789360941536
  • Author's Name: Judith Davis

    About the Author: The Rev. Judith A. Davis, PhD, is an adjunct Episcopal priest at St. Philip’s Church and an adjunct professor at Brevard College, both in Brevard, NC. An avid birder, she was president of the Cape Cod Bird Club. As an artist, she has exhibited paintings and photographs in juried venues, and as a poet, she has won poetry contests and published poems in the Great Smokies Review and NC Bards Poetry Anthology 2022 and 2023. She published paintings and photographs, as well as poems, in Chiaroscuro, Brevard College 2023, KaKaLak 2022 and KaKaLak 2023. She lives with her family and three tuxedo cats in the lovely mountains of North Carolina where she participates in the Great Smokies Writing Program of The University of North Carolina in Asheville and where she is always birding.
    Book ISBN: 9789360941536
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