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Description of the Book:

This is a collection of twenty poems that I wrote over the span of twenty days. I wrote a poem a day from May 20th – June 8th 2021. Some of these poems were poems that I had started writing previously, edited and finished within the deadline. The point of it was to challenge myself as a writer to prove that I could since I’ve never done this before and as always to help myself survive and process my own thoughts and feelings. A lot of these poems are about the global pandemic, quarantine, mortality, working through trauma from sexual abuse, my own suicidal thoughts, living with chronic PTSD, depression and anxiety and trying to comprehend and accept my mom’s terminal illness, taking care of her through it and the non-existent communication, the isolation and the disconnection from her while she was hospitalized during the pandemic and then admitted to a Nursing Home.

Penultimate Perpetual Purgatory

  • Author Name: Jade Walker
    About the Author: Jade Walker is a pansexual interdisciplinary writer and multidisciplinary artist from London Ontario whose plays have been read and performed in Toronto, London Ontario and Hamilton. Her poetry has been published by Horsebroke Press, Dark Poets Club, Wordsfest and Maythorn Magazine. Her writing gives a voice to survivors of sexual abuse and explores themes of queerness, mental illness, polyamory, abuse, PTSD, mortality, neurodiversity, chronic illness, environmentalism, healing and trauma. She is especially interested in empowering the female voice through her art and using art as activism to create real social change, protect the environment, support neurodiversity and to stop sexual abuse. This is Jade’s first published book ever and she never thought that it would be a book exclusively of her poetry or written in the context of a write a poem a day contest. She is thrilled to have her writing finally be published!


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