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Description of the Book:


Pensive Renderings is an assortment of poems based on thoughts, feelings and observations that may or may not have rhyme or reason. Just kidding! There’s plenty of rhyme and reason. Conversations with people, the news, observations about society and discussions on mental health have provoked these thoughtful renditions.

Pensive Renderings

SKU: 9789360948504
  • Author's Name: Renita Siqueira

    About the Author: Renita Siqueira hails from Pune, India. Growing up in a family of readers and teachers, and with lots of books, she finds recourse in words. Renita is an instructional designer by profession and poet by passion. Bitten by the creative bug, she draws, paints, sings and dances (in her bedroom), lovingly makes handmade gifts, dabbles in stitching and does a bit of gardening. She enjoys travelling, exploring new places and absolutely loves train rides. She’s constantly on the lookout to learn something new and grow. P.S. “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” (Borrowed from the Bard)
    Book ISBN: 9789360948504
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