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Description of the book:

This collection of poems is straight from the heart, penned with a lot of care and emotions, and hopefully takes you on a journey into this little world of mine. Sit back with a nice cuppa in hand and enjoy reading through.

Penned by Yours Truly

  • Author Name: Divya Viswanathan
    About the Author: This weird polydactyl has been writing since she was 12, and dreamed of having a book published since she was 16. Writing is the only thing she knows well, and probably the only thing she can do well. When she isn't writing, you can find her mollycoddling stray animals of the street (she loves cats, too, much against the likes of a few friends). When she isn't busy writing or mollycoddling, she can be found sleeping her life away. Oh, and she can also sing a little above average.


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