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Description of the Book:

"If all your talents and all your work is hidden in a box in your home, what good is it for anyone?" This very question motivated the author to write this book. This book has poems,more like rantings some of which are inspired from the authors life. This book is filled with anger, passion and love. The author feels that most of the teenagers and even adults can relate with the contents in the book. This book is written to let the readers know that every feeling you feel is valid and you are bot alone

Pen, paper & heart

  • Author Name: Shivani sejal
    About the Author:  Shivani sejal was born in a beautiful town called hindupur and brought up in coimbatore, Tamilnadu. She is an undergraduate student, pursuing her BBA. She loves modern calligraphy and she is a bibliophile. Her evenings are for sunset,music and a good book.This is sejal's first book ever.
    Book ISBN:  9784596094506


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