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Description of the Book:

The book speaks Let us go for a date,you and me . I will wear my heart,you put on your bruises. Under the stars with just a candle in between,we will hold hands. I will tell you about terraces, petrichor,piggy banks, bookmarks and bestsellers;about the messages deleted,the little lies told,the song that was sung and yes,I will tell you about page 139. My excitement makes me reveal too much. Let us meet. We will kiss like the lake and fog does under the pale moon of a winter night. And when we part,it will be with a smile on our lips and a promise to be together again.

Peepholes in the Pages

  • Author's Name: Mainak Sen
    About the Author: Mainak is an alumni of Calcutta University and Ramakrishna Mission Shikshanamandira. You will often find him having deep conversations with Chhotu,his dog. He claims sanity,but the dreams he has every night strike doubt. He haunts food joints at odd hours and shares a special relationship with his refrigerator. He is a government employee and is happy with what he gets to do for his livelihood. This is his first book and he doesn't intend it to be his last.
    Book ISBN: 9781005658526


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