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Description of the Book:


Life is 10% what you make it. And 90% how you take it. Peaches & Crème is a compilation of poems based on elegant themes which include love, life, loss, suffering, pain, nostalgia, truth and relationship. Carefully written and conceived, each poem gives a pleasant feeling to the readers and provides belief and hope. With love and affection, Peaches & Crème will touch your soul and helps you to understand different circumstances in life.

Peaches & Crème

  • Author's Name: Poopesh Kumar
    About the Author: POOPESH KUMAR a normal guy from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, who loves to explore and read books whenever he felt low. And he always had his mother to guide him in his tough times, who is also a great inspiration to him. He developed a deep love towards nature and art. During his college times he was drawn towards film making and photography. And he also loves to make short films and short stories and he has directed two award winning short films screened in various colleges, which also got featured and nominated in various platforms like Shorted, Miniflix etc. He is an ardent fan boy of Dragon ball, a lover of music and writing and that influenced him to create and publish his own book. He can reached at:
    Book ISBN: 9781005964450


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