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Description of the Book :


This poetry book is a patchwork collection of poems written in high school. There are poems about first love, heartbreaks, betrayal, lies, and lost friendships—but there are also poems about nature, serenity, nostalgia, new love and most importantly; hope. This book encompasses numerous narratives of moments from a particular era of my (the author's) life, almost like an episode; a vignette. Titled, “Patchwork Poetry”, for the bits and pieces of diverse stories contained within these poems, all pieced and stitched together, this book consists of heart-warming, heart-wrenching and thought-provoking poetry.

Patchwork Poetry ~ a Vignette

  • Author's Name : Ananya Balike
    About the Author : Ananya Balike is currently 19 years old and pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Medical Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. She started writing playful poems at the age of 5, along with stories, plays and songs. Now, she is able to compose songs and poems as her favourite pastime. Some of her other hobbies include playing the ukulele, dancing (Indian classical dance form called Bharatanatyam), crafting, singing and more. She is looking forward to publishing more of her poetry soon.
    Book ISBN : 9780958111102
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