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Description of the Book:


A collection of letters, which were never posted.
A collection of letters, which then became a collection of words and notes, and then became a collection of poems.

Find me in letterboxes, if you find one.

Pastel Textures on Seventh

SKU: 9789360944032
  • Author's Name: Sindhunil C

    About the Author: Sindhu is a passionate social activist and development practitioner, currently nesting in a corporate role to challenge himself in new terrains. Although he has been writing and pursuing other creative forms of expression for many years now, this will be his first body of work to be published under his own name. He still continues to ghostwrite, as his long-drawn-out affair with oblivion and anonymity continues in its own path. This is his latest attempt to connect to the world in a non-conventional way. Mostly always available to respond through
    Book ISBN: 9789360944032
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