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Description of Book :


Passengers of Life is an intimate poetry book that explores close connections with the people who cross our paths of life through a personal lens of a young person who experienced both joy and pain. Some of the poems can be considered to be triggering. This book is for those who, after many hardships, did not lose their hope and still believe in people. Passengers of Life encourages us not to be afraid of our emotions and understand that some things that happen to us do not define us who we are.

Passengers of Life

  • Author's Name :  Daniele Kieraite
    About the Author :  Daniele Kieraite is a young writer from Vilnius, Lithuania based in London, the UK who aspires to become a professional writer and journalist. She studies journalism at the University of Westminster and has experience in writing about topics of arts and culture and lifestyle. During her free time, Daniele loves gaining knowledge, discovering new places and interesting people.
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