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Description of the Book:

Panktiyan is nothing but combination of emotions feels what someone has gone through, headlines will tell you about the topic hastags will update you on current status while I was writing that piece and definitely those lines tries to pour out every single drop out of me doesn't matter it rymes or not as I alway say "Man ke bulbulen hain ,kahi kho na jaaye, Piroyaa hai, Pankatiyon me"


    About the Author: //That's definitely an interview question and its been long I have gone through one.// Born in steel city of India Bhilai ,grown up in a family of classical musician and writers. As a kid I wanted to play all those cords, those hundreds of instruments but it never happened and. I became Mechanical Engineering but always wanted to be part of computers so here i am an IT professional. I live in practicality and use to be a "choudhary" between friends. A big time gourmet, love to explore new taste and cuisine .Some one once defined me and that's still the best "Khusi ka package,hasi ka reservoir".
    Book ISBN: 9781005751869


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