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Description of the Book:


If you are someone who loves either dawn or dusk;
If you are someone who relishes either screaming sun or wishing for winter
If you are someone who admires either the soaring sun or the midnight moon,
Someone, who's
An admirer of nature
And all that it has to offer
Let's celebrate its wonder
That mirrors its nature.
With this unique poetry collection
What's so unique about these poems?
Well, they are palindrome poetry
That you can read from backwards.
​Quite unique, right?
​Let's read on


SKU: 9789358318227
  • Author's Name: Krithiga Arul

    About the Author: Krithiga Arul, seven and twenty years old, young admirer of alluring world, is right now doing her PhD in education. Her love for writing began when she started scribbling two lines and called them poems to her writer grandpa, which years later turned into beautiful lines that adorned the empty pages of her not-so well written exam pages. Taking up encouragement and courage, she went on and published her debut poetry collection named “Inner Kingdom” during the end of her teenage days. She has a bachelor’s and master’s in English and education respectively. Also, she is a professional singer in the process of releasing her first single with her sister. You can find her petting her parrots and cuddling with her cat, writing poetries staring the night sky at 3am in her humble adobe with her parents and sister.
    Book ISBN: 9789358318227
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