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Description of the Book:

'This labyrinth of chatter is an envelope of my maze the fathomless, unoccupied marks of my mind." Have you ever felt the shadow of eccentric colour in the rush of alienation? What makes you relieved from the call of uncertainties? 'Palette of Musings' will answer you! Offering wings to your hopes and reverberating the thoughts of desire, love, pain and memories this collection of profound poems will enhance the intrinsic joy you preserve. Enjoy the treat of this colourful galaxy and resonate the hidden treasure of magic in you.

Palette of Musings

  • Author Name: CHRISTY BOBAN
    About the Author: Christy Boban, a 22 year old post graduate student of English Language and Literature is the co-author of anthology 'Unscribbled Thoughts'. 'Palette of Musings' is her debut book which compiles her twenty poems. Christy lives in Kerala where she was born and bred together with her parents and two sisters. She started writing from her childhood and developed a keen interest towards writing from her college days. Being a passionate artist, she believes art to be the source of happiness and her poems are wrapped in the realities of life which preserve a tune of survival. She is also a self-taught painter who shapes her thoughts into a prism of colours. Christy can usually be found painting or scribbling and those creations will more likely be embedded in the gists of hope. Publishing a book was always on her bucket list and eventually, her poem 'Savannahs of hope' got published. 'Hope,coffee and poetry' and 'Lily' are two upcoming co-authored anthologies of her. You can search for her writings on Instagram @thought_hut_ or write to her at
    Book ISBN: 9781005462208


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