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Description of the Book:

Palette Poetry is a collection of 30 poems that address themes of love, loss, personal life lessons and reflections. Grouped by Warm, Cool and Neutral tones, each poem’s theme and title is based off the name and color of a paint sample swatch- Yes! Like the free ones you can find in any Home Improvement paint department. This book symbolizes a painter’s palette through poems inspired by the seemingly mundane moments, accidental observations, lovely little miracles and life altering events we face in our day to day life. Most importantly, this work explores what it means to be human and how to find color in every moment of the journey!

Palette Poetry

  • Author Name: Alexis Taylor Robinson
    About the Author: Alexis Taylor is a singer, writer, painter, actor, teacher and purveyor that art of all mediums allow for connection, healing and change. A lover of the Arts since childhood, Alexis received her BFA in Musical Theatre and has since explored other avenues of her creative nature in order to connect with others and walk in her purpose. In 2018, Alexis began to seriously write poetry and performed selected pieces in her 2019 art event heART of the Matter. Since then, she has written for Long Wharf Theatre, Pink Lid Conference and a series of other venues/events. Constantly inspired by the sample paint color card swatches found in the Home Improvement paint department, Alexis began to write poems influenced by various card colors and names, likening her collected poems to that of a painter’s palette. She is thrilled to to have published her first work of poetry and looks forward to continue adding color to the world!
    Book ISBN: 9785359896467


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