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Description of the Book :


"Good mourning loves,
These poems attempt to focus upon the mess surrounding loss.

To put it as simple as I can:
my story of greatness from grief, good-intentioned conversations and grandfathers."

Oversized t-shirts and overgrown pain

  • Author's Name : Ayana Abdulla
    About the Author : Ayana is a dedicated, thoughtful individual who finds the beauty in things deemed unworthy. Ayana wrote this book to provide support for others that are going through the same struggles as she has. She carries a well-humoured yet serious mind, providing a fascinating, messy and embracing work of art everytime she writes. The love language of poetry has always intrigued her, as being able to visualize her emotions through words has helped her understand herself. She hopes to pass on this feeling of fulfillment to everyone who picks up her you!
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