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Description of the book:

The book is a collection of poems written over the years by the poetess. The book talks about the nature around, about the various emotions and has situations that many wanderers have faced at some point in their life. The book focuses on emotions, relations and is a walk through the world, in author's shoes. With snippets from her life, searching someone who can relate. " In the decoloured world, be bold as black and wise as white."

Over the Years

  • Author Name: Stuti Chauhan
    About the Author: Stuti Chauhan is a young budding writer and a student from Delhi. She is working with various institutions in the field of writing and publishing and believes in scribbling words into stories. With many aspirations in her eyes, she trusts that the wanderer inside her thrives not to seek a destination set by the society, but make her own path that leads to something where happiness is. She has worked on many books and writings, but "Over the Years" is the second book after she participated in an anthology previously. She believes, that words stay engraved in the world, always.


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