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Description of the book


Oven head is a collection of poems, mostly reverie-inspired, on love, life, and few other enigmatic subjects that the author could wrap her head around.

"You are the muse
of all that my old soul
writes about.
Just pour me 
a sip of your 
sins and storms.
And let me 
forever fondly be 
in debt with you."

Oven Head

  • Author Name: Ujwala K
    About the Author: Ujwala is a graduate in biotechnology and had spent some time in research labs and later editing science journals down in south India. Being a person with various other interests that include gardening, bird photography, drawing, and trekking, she believes that she believes she can be anything she wants to be. Now, in a way to nurture back her writing style and to chill from her new mom duties, she has religiously devoted time to revamp her poetry draft copies from the past and completed this work.
    Book ISBN: 9781005515157


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