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I stood for a second, took a pause there. It's hard these days to just sit and wonder, when you could actually be busy in procrastinating on your studies while binge watching everything possibly available to you. So I sat on an imaginary bench. Actually leaving my den in unheard of from all who know me. So I sat on a romantic old bench played by my thoughts and pored some out. There is no technique here. If you want to hear some more of my ramblings turn in.


  • Author's Name :  Vedanshi Bhatia
    About the Author :  Vedanshi Bhatia A Bachelor's Degree in Psychology (Which is just a certificate in my file right now) Years of Teaching and having a blast with kids Slowly dying inside. Travelled around, Feeling like a vagabond when she is actually a privileged prick. fluent in broken English. Big on Impulsivity at the drop of her hat. But actually a decent person. ( at least that's what the parents think)
    Book ISBN :  9781005969974
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