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When we grow up and our life transitions from childhood to adolescence, we experience a shower of emotions. And the most powerful of all the emotions that we start to exhibit is love. Love fills us with a new thrill and it keeps the momentum in our life on an oscillation. With each passing day our experience takes us on the cloud nine. And that’s why love is such a defining emotion.

Love understandably occurs differently with different people. Some experience it one-sided and yet others notably find it equally responsive from the recipient. Some enjoy the ecstasy of pure fascination and some are aware yet ignorant about the change that they experience every day. Often this emotion is addressed differently in situations but underlying thought cannot be shrugged off. A pure feeling that arises from mind and gets softened in the consideration of the person whose presence creates a ripple effect, love is after all a moment that brings us joy and perhaps, leaves a halo effect on us completely.

Oscillating Fascinations is a collection of love poems. Each of the poems depict a time when the mind indulges in an admiration somewhere quietly expressing the emotions through the preference for a person who subjugates a lover’s thoughts completely. The mind deliberately offers to be a hostage when the love-emotion reaches its high and then, the same emotion acts like an assurance in which the lover wants to immerse himself.

Come embark on the journey of love once again! While you read the poems you will revisit your adolescent memories and recall the beautiful time when you had blissful moments with your loved one.

Oscillating Fascinations - A Collection of Poems

SKU: 9789358319804
  • Author's Name: Anil Koul

    About the Author: Anil Koul felt a penchant for reading and writing at an early age. He started writing rhyming couplets, stanzas, limericks, and short poems before he took to writing articles and short stories. He had posted much of his collection in the erstwhile Rediff Blogs and occasionally publishes articles in magazines and local dailies. Originally from Bijbehara, Kashmir, he is currently based at Mohali, Punjab. He has earned a bachelor’s in Science from the Jammu University and further armed himself with an MBA in Human Resources from IBMRD, Ahmadnagar. He has much of his experience in the field of Human Resources and has worked for companies like Syntel, Deloitte, Videocon, Connect, etc. He is currently serving a reputed eye hospital at Chandigarh. Apart from his indulgence in poetry, he writes articles revolving around the Kashmiri Culture & Heritage. He is also working on his compilation of short stories (fiction).
    Book ISBN: 9789358319804
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