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Description of the Book:


Embark on a lyrical journey through Orphic, a collection of poems that unveils the wonders and mysteries of the natural world. This book is more than just a celebration of nature's beauty; it's a profound exploration of life's fleeting joys, the comfort found in solitude, and the yearning for connection.
Immerse yourself in a world painted with vivid imagery. Feel the cool caress of a summer breeze, smell the earthy fragrance of a rain-soaked forest, and hear the gentle murmur of a babbling brook - all brought to life through the evocative power of language.
Whether you find comfort in the vastness of the night sky or the quiet wonder of a falling leaf, Orphic's poems will resonate with your soul.


SKU: 9789360948467
  • Author's Name: Delfina Deianira Das

    About the Author: Delfina Deianira is a 15-year-old,young poet whose soul finds solace in the written word. At the tender age of seven, she discovered the magic of crafting stories and poems, a love that has blossomed into a lifelong pursuit. Writing has become her closest confidante, a constant companion through life's journey. Delfina's artistic spirit extends beyond the realm of words, embracing the visual language of painting. Whether it be through evocative brushstrokes or heartfelt verses, she finds inspiration in the world around her, drawing beauty from even the smallest details. From the echoes of classic literature to the quiet whispers of everyday life, Delfina finds endless muse to fuel her creative fire.This depth and versatility are further enriched by her love for dance and literature. It's a testament to the boundless potential of a young artist who finds beauty in the extraordinary and the ordinary alike, drawing inspiration from the vast canvas of life itself.
    Book ISBN: 9789360948467
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