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Description of the Book:

Kriti’s book revolves around things that make her happy. Mother and wife, turned into cyclist and baker, this compilation of her work reflects her thoughts about nature, distinct emotions, dreams, life, and more. Kriti’s voice in the poems evidently calls the readers to summon the emotions onto the page. These poems effortlessly and shamelessly talk to each other and highlight the origins of new creations.


  • Author Name: Kriti
    About the Author: Kriti has been an Academic head, teacher, chocolatier, baker, an emerging cyclist and a painter. Wife of a Chartered Accountant and mother of two girls, she was born in 1976 in a small town of Orissa and brought up in the beautiful city of lakes — Udaipur. She went to a private school where art and culture were given utmost priority. She was fascinated with colours and used to spend a lot of her school time in the art room. After completing her Bachelor’s degree in commerce from Bhupal Noble College, she was married off in Delhi and currently resides in Gurgaon.


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