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Description of the Book :


The poems in this book consist of subjects that I find important in my life. Words put together trying to point out that which is impossible to describe. Some poems in Orange Sky are words pointing at the moon, in the way that the moon stands for our potential and deepest nature as living, feeling beings. Still, if we don't try, we will never taste.


Others are words playing free in the fields of joy, simply because they can. In special or ordinary moments it sometimes happens that one can experience a state of complete openness which is in tune and connected with everything.


Some poems are directed towards our wordly life, about how to cope with society and protect that which is dear to us. About being in love. About shining towards all directions.

Orange Sky

  • Author's Name : Wessel Fokkema

    About the Author : As a teenager I was already intrigued by writing, mostly in the form of love letters. After traveling through north India in my early twenties, I made a heart connection with the Tibetan culture and Buddhism. Once returned in Amsterdam I developed myself in healthcare with a special interest in caring for terminal ill patients. This has also been an inspiration for my poems. They are reflections of gratitude, my insights and struggles about the dance with life and death and the path i walk. I hope you will enjoy reading them. May they also inspire you along your way.

    Wessel Fokkema

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